"After many years spent trying to overcome a crippling mental disorder, and after seeing a variety of different doctors and psychologists, I went to see Catharine as a last resort. I was ready to try anything to overcome my eating disorder.My sessions with Catharine were absolutely transformational and she has literally saved my life, helping me to overcome something that has haunted me for 20 years" - J.R, Melbourne


"Catharine helped my 12 year old son with his social anxiety. We have seen many practitioners of other mainstream therapies since he was 4, but just a single session with her has proven to be the most effective of all. We were both amazed and continue to be delighted at his greatly improved health and school attendance!' - L.F, Melbourne

“EFT has been a hugely transformational experience for me. I initially went for weight-loss and it became apparent that the underlying causes reached into deep-seated experiences and beliefs. I was amazed at the results-not only that, the weight loss seemed almost effortless! EFT has also helped me to find joy in so many other areas of my life. Catharine’s approach is highly professional and I am incredibly grateful for all the new doors that have opened for me!” - L.D, Melbourne

 "I came to see Catharine after I had stopped binge eating for about 6 months. I'd struggled with eating disorders for over a decade and this year I finally made the decision to really change my life so I would no longer be a slave to my depressing illness. Once I made the behavioural change in my coping mechanism I knew there were issues that I had to deal with, this time I wanted to take it slow and not try to bombard myself to try and 'fix' what was wrong with me. I decided healing and processing would be the pathway. I tried kinesiology as well as coaching during this time to which I found great help. Seeing Catharine for Matrix Re-imprinting was another aspect I wanted to try as I heard many great things about it. During my first session I uncovered a big trauma in my childhood that made so much sense about body image and eating disorder behaviour in the past. The big breakthrough came when Catharine helped me to not only heal from this but transformed the way I related to this trauma, I felt the biggest light had literally shone into my past, and I was able to also be complete with my grandfather whom I never got to relate to during my adulthood because we became very distant after the trauma. I got forgiveness and let go of so much in just one session with Catharine. She worked with me in a very light way, and is highly intuitive to help and facilitate healing and releasing of issues in a way that I've never experienced. She makes healing fun and creates an amazing space for one to really get to the bottom of the issue. I couldn't' recommend her enough!" - T.W, Melbourne 


“My 10-year-old son asked me to thank you for sharing the EFT video on YouTube for children with anxiety. He and I watched it this morning before school hoping it might alleviate his anxiety. Your video helped him SO much! I never imagined my self-conscious boy would actually use this while in class! When a classmate asked him what he was doing he replied, “it’s a stress reliever-don’t judge me!”
His panic quickly subsided and soon thereafter the teacher had the students perform an impromptu play and my son Thomas was given a large speaking role. If we had not watched your video, I shiver to think how triggering that could have been for him. When I picked him up today, he was confident and collected. He said “it unlocked my full potential.” Thank you for sharing. I sincerely believe EFT has the potential to change lives” - Emily N, Melbourne 

"My sessions with Catharine allowed me to get in touch with the deepest emotions that needed healing. Tapping helped to easily open up and heal stored negative emotions and experiences. As I tapped and talked through my issues with Catharine I felt the tension disappear completely and I have resolved many past traumas through our sessions as well. Infinite thanks from my heart, Catharine for making a difference in my path and helping to remove the blocks from moving forward."
- V.R, London, UK