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Chances are you've found this page because you are searching for a way to move forward from current uncomfortable symptoms, past issues or let go of some limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Perhaps you've tried countless approaches to no avail - many of my clients tell me I'm their last resort! You're not alone.

Many years ago, I was in search of all of the above. I had tried countless therapies, modalities, medications, you name it, to help myself overcome various issues, without much success. I owe my shift to my mother, who many years ago, introduced me to EFT ("Emotional Freedom Techniques" or "Tapping" as some know it) as a way of helping me to heal from these past experiences and negative emotions.

My mission through "Break Free with EFT" is to help clients move through and find the root cause of prolonged stress, grief, trauma and other emotional and physical issues using clinically proven, energy psychology techniques. 

I work with adults as well as kids and have a special interest in stress/anxiety management as well as relief from past troubling memories and beliefs. I have also been trained in Advanced Trauma Management with Dr Lori Leyden from the US, who worked with witnesses of genocide in Rwanda and survivors of the Sandy Hook massacre using EFT. 

I am available for one-on-one sessions online via Zoom and also offer workshops (public and corporate), personalised tap-along videos, school programs and various online courses.



Although a wealth of research has been (and continues to be) conducted on EFT ("Emotional Freedom Technique") it is still considered  to be a "relatively new" therapeutic approach. As such, you agree to accept full responsibility for any and all risks associated with viewing this site and using the information wherein, including using EFT on yourself. 

The information on this site and associated materials are for informational and educational purposes only are not a substitute for medical or psychological advice. Always refer to your health care professional for any questions related to medical or psychological conditions.


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