Emotional First Aid Programs


My greatest passion is introducing EFT at a grass-roots level to kids in order to give them a tool to foster and develop emotional self-regulation. By teaching kids how to tap, you are not only helping them to alleviate stress in the moment and create new neural pathways around resilience and positivity, but giving them a tool that is literally "at their fingertips" to apply anytime, anywhere for any issue.   


EFT is a simple and highly effective self-help tool teachable to kids from ages 4 and up and can also help with:

  • Reducing separation anxiety (and anxiety in general) 
  • Trauma (accidents etc to help them calm down) 
  • Reducing overwhelm and hyper-stimulation in ASD kids
  • Increasing focus and concentration, leading to better information retention and listening skills
  • Sleep (calming the nervous system) 

Whole school programs and parent information sessions are also available.

Staff Programs


  • Help them release anxiety, stress and overwhelm and increasing confidence, job satisfaction and interpersonal communication. 

  • Enable them to apply EFT to kids in their care in either a one-on-one or group setting (no touching necessary and appropriate consent forms are provided for parents where applicable)

By teaching the teachers how to tap and take care of their own emotional needs, you build a network of engaged, motivated and happy staff, leading to greater retention, productivity and overall job satisfaction. Once confident in the technique, they can then apply it in a classroom setting.

Student Programs


  • Group sessions around Emotional Intelligence and how to easily regulate their emotional state​ (K-12)

  • Lesson plans throughout the year inclusive of materials around Emotional Intelligence, awareness, resilience and regulation.


Studies have shown that tapping with kids in the classroom for even 10 minutes at the beginning of each day can create positive changes such as:

  • Helping kids understand and manage their emotions
  • Increasing focus and attention span
  • Feeling happier and more confident in the school environment
  • Foster security and compassion
  • Increase resilience, motivation and self-esteem

Tapping with Grade 1 students

EFT Tapping for stress relief in class

Stress Relief for students

EFT Tapping in schools

To enquire about introducing EFT into your school or early education centre, please contact me directly on

0450 734 556 or at catharine@breakfreewitheft.com